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Virtual Crowd is a fully customizable and scalable multimedia technology.  It allows artists, speakers, and performers to interact with their fans, employees, or clients in real time while seamlessly showcasing high-quality production value and design within the online experience.



The COVID-19 pandemic has created monumental challenges in the entertainment and live event industries.  


This pandemic has created significant obstacles to corporate product promotion and sponsorship.   Businesses struggle to meet with their employees, network with new leads or even entertain key clients in a safe and accepted way. Performers, including musicians, athletes and actors, are simply unable to perform live in front a packed house, and they have no safe way to interact with their fans in real time.


At its core, the pandemic impacts the consumer, dramatically limiting opportunities for much needed socialization and entertainment.

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Virtual Crowd is the unique, creative and flexible solution to these unprecedented challenges.  Whether the audience is entirely virtual or a hybrid mix of real and virtual members, the performers are able to see their audience on large video screens (LED or similar) and interact with them as they would with a traditional live audience.  Simultaneously, the fans experience a live performance with professional production value and interact directly with the performer. The Virtual Crowd configurations and the display screens are fully customizable, allowing a plethora of creative opportunities for monetization and sponsorship.



Performers can offer premium ticketing that allows for meet-and-greets, “front row” screen seating, and the ability to select from multiple camera feeds - giving the premium viewer the ultimate fan experience. 


Virtual Crowd is singularly unique in its customizable appearance.   By design,  content displayed on the Virtual Crowd system can be  creatively curated to blend seamlessly into any set or production design.  Simultaneously, the aesthetic versatility of the Virtual Crowd system provides the building blocks for deeply immersive environments and captivating storytelling.  Sponsors will also be thrilled with Virtual Crowd’s ability to incorporate their information and content into the show environment in new and exciting ways.




Operates on a reliable framework with latencies as low as 200ms

Permits instant replacement of audience members if their signal quality drops out

Allows for a wide range of ticket levels and premium options

Allows production to select a replacement user to backfill removed audience members

Provides a waiting room for audience participants  allowing events to sell more VIP tickets than spots on the wall

Integrates natively with AR, VR, and XR workflows

Provides the ability to gather participant data

Allows mute and cluster audio feeds per production needs

Supports multiple simultaneous stream feeds (allows user to choose from multiple camera angles)

Provides two-way communication with event and moderation team

Displays collected user data on screens if desired i.e. names, location

Currently allows up to 1000 participants on screen at once, with no technical limitation on number of overall users viewing the live stream

Provides effortless onboarding: User clicks provided web link - no app required

Supports any device (computer, phone, tablet)

Allows access through multiple supported web browsers



“...whatever it is the wizards on Metallica’s sound and video team figured out for this show, every other act should now consider itself on notice. It was a masterful technical achievement, with impeccable video quality that incorporated multiple angles and numerous live fan feeds while never lagging for a second.”

SF Chronicle

“We always try to push our productions to the edge, in an effort to continue to wow the fans not only from a musical aspect but from an artistic one too. Our partnership with PRG and Fireplay went smoothly and we were only able to deliver a great experience for both the band and the Fans due to the planning and level of excellence all of the crew brought to the table. The level of cooperation and technical expertise in all departments was amazing to be a part of. Dan Braun designs a great show and we get the opportunity to bring it to life…I am proud to have been a part of this with such a fine organization"

John “Lug” Zajonc / Production Manager / Metallica

“Warner Music Nashville made it a priority this year to find the most innovative ways for our artists to engage with their fans. We challenged ourselves to be leaders in adopting the pioneering technology we knew would come of these months away from the road. While nothing will ever replace a live show, we have connected with incredible partners across the world who have introduced us to viable alternatives. Cole was the perfect artist to jump in with something like Virtual Crowd. He’s an artist who comes alive in front of a crowd, and he has a particularly plugged-in fanbase. Crowd interaction – whether that’s fan-to-fan or artist-to-fan – is a key component in elevating the virtual concert experience.” 

Shane Tarleton / SVP / Artist Development / Warner Music Nashville

“It was great to get the band together and do a few songs for my fans, The Down Home Crew. 2020 has been a lot about adapting and I felt Virtual Crowd was a great way to get as close to a real show as we can safely right now.  It was awesome seeing their faces again.”

Cole Swindell / Country Music Artist

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